About us

The firm was established as a private transportation company in 1990 and it has the following fleet at its disposal:

  • 48 trucks with tilts with a loading area of 100 cbm
  • 45 trucks with tilts with a loading area of 120 cbm it means 38 pallets (internal height: 3m)
  • The firm also has at its disposal 60 - 80 contractual trucks.
  • Network of contractually co-operating transportation companies
  • Ability to realize set time-limit supplies
  • Realization of extreme delivery times
  • Transportation of partial loads (collecting service)
  • Dispatching availability for 24 hours a day
  • All the vehicles are equipped with a mobile phone - immediate control of your goods
  • Car movement monitoring with the help of satellite (GPS)
  • Cargo insurance up to 10.000.000 CZK
  • All the vehicles belong to the category EURO 3 and EURO 5

We offer quality services to our customers within the whole Europe.

We take fulfillment of required terms for granted …



Lužkovice 202
763 11 Zlín
IČO: 255 84 251
DIČ: CZ25584251
Tel: +420 577 986 073-6
e-mail: quicktrans@quicktrans.cz